e-prospectuses benefits

e-prospectuses unique benefits include:

  • An exact replica of your print publication on screen, regardless of size or number of pages
  • Flexibility - e-prospectuses offer the option to edit, add or remove pages in response to the market place without re-printing any material
  • Ability to integrate a range of interactive features such as videos, audio files, location maps, live links and hidden pages, without affecting download time
  • Complete customisation service - whilst we always present our E-prospectus with a background, title and logo of the customers choice, it is also possible to create icons and system instructions in other styles or languages for an additional fee,
  • Convenience and Increased market contact - Free, unlimited, instant distribution
  • Traceable, allowing you to access user statistics
  • The most environmentally friendly way to communicate with your audience
  • Cost Savings - Digital distribution eliminates both postage and print costs while retaining the e-prospectus reading experience.
  • No printing costs
  • No postage and freight cost
  • An interactive, live and engaging alternative to static PDF’s
  • Each prospectus has the ability to be viewed, indexed and optimised for search engines such as Google
  • Audience Specific - Allows for accurate market segmentation, and targeted marketing.
  • Translation of your e-prospectus is available in any language, allowing you to access a global audience
  • Reduced response time for your company, information can be supplied instantaneously to potential clients


Our e-prospectuses

Dundee - Postgraduate Prospectus University of Derby Sebago MeritusU Macdonald Hotels and Resorts